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Since home inspection came on the real estate scene in the mid-1970s, consumer demand for the service has been growing. Home inspection is a young and growing professional, consulting service aimed at helping homebuyers make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. Savvy and demanding buyers want to know all they can about their potential homes before making their final decisions. As a result, the opportunity is there for you to succeed as a home inspector.

What is home inspection?

A home inspection is a documented, professional opinion of a home-based on a visual evaluation and operational testing of the home's systems and components to determine their current conditions.

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The home inspection business comes with the freedom of setting your own working hours and days.

Home Inspector Course Work

The Housedoctors Inspection Training Institute is the #1 school in the Chicagoland area for home inspection training.

Study Guide

Our study guide will ensure that you pass the final exam.

Work Book

Applying what you've learned is the best way to succeed.

Practice Quizzes

We have practice quizzes to help you prepare.

200-question final exam

This exam prepares you for the state exam.

No hidden fees! The 5 required field inspections, marketing strategies, and report writing guidelines are all included in the registration fee of:

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What our customers say

25 Years of Experience

Ultimately, property inspection training is only as good as the people teaching it. Chuck holds a high school diploma in Architecture, a degree in Construction Engineering from Indiana State University, with extensive experience as a project manager with General Motors, Peoples Gas, and United Parcel Service in both new construction and renovations. Chuck's background is further enhanced by over 15 years experience as a General Contractor. Chuck was named ASHI Great Lakes Chapter Inspector of the Year 416-964-0683. Certified as a Moisture Analyst, to inspect Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems (EIFS) Dryvit, Stucco, by the Exterior Design Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’re here to help.

How long will the course take?

We offer a home-study course to allow our students to move at their own pace. No need to stress about making it to class on-time, or taking time off work. The course must be completed within a year from your registration date.

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How much does it cost?

Our course costs a one-time, $1,000 fee. Included in this fee are your course materials, five required field inspections, and additional materials for further education on marketing, report writing and Illinois Licensing Laws.

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Why should I choose HDITI?

Experience. Both ours and the one we provide for you. Our Supervising Inspector, Chuck, has 30 years of experience in the Home Inspection industry. Chuck has trained hundreds of inspectors over the course of his career, and you receive the added benefit of learning from the same source each time you are in the field. We take a hands-on approach to training and strive to fully prepare our students for life as a Home Inspector.

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What is covered in the 5 field inspections?

During the 5 field inspections you will learn from our Supervising Inspector, Chuck, about how to properly conduct an inspection. Everything from what to look for at a property to how to communicate that information to the client will be discussed.

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Will I receive my license when I complete the course?

No. Once the course is completed and you have passed the Final Exam, you will receive a certificate which will allow you to register for the State Exam. After passing the State Exam, you can apply to receive your license.

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How long has your school been open?

HDITI opened in 2003, formerly in a classroom setting. We transitioned to home-study courses in 2008 and have seen hundreds of students successfully complete our course and go on to become licensed Home Inspectors.

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When can I start?

Today! Our self-paced course allows our students to start as soon as they are ready. No waiting for classroom spots to become available!

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